Wills and Private Client Fixed Fees


Simple Will

from £125.00
VAT @ 20% 25.00
Total 150.00

Husband and Wife or civil Partner "mirror Wills"

from £175.00
VAT @ 20% 35.00
Total 210.00

This includes:

  • An initial appointment - face to face - or by telephone at your convenience
  • Preparation of draft Will with explanatory letter
  • Further attendance to deal with execution of the Will
  • Free Will storage


  • More complex Will structures - for example the creation of Trusts
  • Detailed advice concerning Inheritance Tax
  • Property Law advice

We are able to give individual fee estimates for this work


Lasting Powers of Attorney come in two parts - the first "Financial and Property" and the second "Personal and Welfare".

Our charges are:

For First Part LPA

from £300.00

VAT @ 20% 60.00

Total 360.00

For Two Parts (either for the same client or one each for a couple)


from £450.00
VAT @ 20% 90.00

Total 540.00

For Four Parts (two full LPA's for a couple)

from £600.00

VAT @ 20% 120.00

Total 720.00


In addition before an LPA may be used it has to be registered with the Office for the Public Guardian. This attracts a Court fee of £82.00 [as at 01.04.17] - fee exemptions are available.


We are able to undertake the complete administration of Estates on the basis of a fee estimate provided in advance - which will be tailored to the circumstances of a particular case.

Alternatively, we are able simply to extract a Grant of Probate for a fixed fee - which will depend upon whether the Estate is above or below the Inheritance Tax threshold.


Our fee to apply for a Grant only in a taxable Estate from £800.00

VAT @ 20% 160.00

Total 960.00


Our fee to apply for a Grant only in a non-taxable Estate


from £500.00

VAT @ 20% 100.00

Total 600.00

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