The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new Government initiative in force from January 2013 to provide low cost loans to fund energy efficiency improvement works to residential properties. The loans are unsecured and repaid through your energy bill.

The customer appoints a "Green Deal Assessor" to produce an advice report. This includes an Energy Performance Certificate and a set of recommendations for improvements in energy efficiency.

If you decide to proceed you secure estimates for work from approved "Green Deal" installers. Approval is sought for the finance to fund the improvements by the proposed installer.

Once approval is given and the installation proceeds, upon completion the energy supplier is notified and loan repayments are made via the energy bill. If the property is later sold the new owner will pay any balance on the remaining debt (but not any arrears) by continued instalments.

The existence of a Green Deal debt is made known to prospective purchasers by an entry on the property Energy Performance Certificate.

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