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It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on a road at a speed in excess of the limits presented by law.

In bringing prosecutions of this kind the police generally rely upon evidence from a speed trap device – either a mobile computer operated by a traffic officer or a stationary “speed camera”.  However, in a clear cut case oral evidence from a police officer perhaps in a pursuing police car can be sufficient to found a conviction.

It is possible to assert that the police speed trap device is defective and in that event expert evidence will have to be called.  Establishing a defence on this basis can be difficult.

The police are empowered to offer a fixed financial penalty which will also carry 3 penalty points.  In the event of a formal prosecution the court may impose a fine and disqualification from driving – in their discretion.  An award of penalty points will also follow – of between 3-6 points.



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