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In many applications to Court the Applicant must file evidence to support their application. In many cases for example, applications to the Probate Registry or in divorce proceedings that evidence must be in the form of an Oath or an Affidavit.

Once an individual makes a sworn oath or affidavit then if the contents are false a criminal offence has been committed and the person will be liable to prosecution for perjury.

Certain documents which are not necessarily to be admitted within a Court applications (for example perhaps declarations as to possession of land) are also required to be formally made and these are known as Statutory Declarations.

A sworn document is usually made on the New Testament (or Old Testament in the case of Jews and the Koran for Moslems). Those who object to a religious text at all may instead give an “affirmation”.

Only limited classes of people may administer oaths and affidavits including Solicitors and Fellows of the Institute of Legal Executives.

Lawson Lewis Blakers are able to provide this service from each of their offices.

The fee for this service is fixed by regulations at present £5 for each document sworn and a further £2 for each document exhibited.

We are often able to deal with these without an appointment but it may be wise to telephone and make a short appointment.

Certain documents require to be authenticated before a Notary Public. This is a much more formal and complex process than the swearing of an Oath or Affidavit. These include documents intended to be used in foreign legal jurisdictions where the Notary may either authenticate the document or alternatively draws up a narrative summary of the document. We are able to provide appointments with our Notary Public, Quintin Barry.

We are pleased to administer Oaths/Affidavits/Statutory Declarations and undertake Notarial acts. Please telephone and ask for an estimate of our fees for Notarial Services.



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