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Put yourself in the position of the prospective buyer. They are likely to be excited and hopeful that your property will fit their needs. Buying a home is partly about fulfilling a dream. They will also be aware that they are coming into your home. This may make them shy and anxious not to offend or intrude.

Hopefully, this is where all of your earlier hard work (see preparing your property for sale) will pay off but you should consider:


  1. It goes without saying; you should be welcoming to your viewer and try to make them feel at ease and at home;
  2. Ensure that the property is both clean and tidy. Tidy any children’s’ toys and clear work surfaces; declutter the property ruthlessly. Buyers will be delighted by airy spaciousness and deterred by clutter!
  3. Take care to neutralise any odours that might put off some buyers for example, cats, dogs or cigarettes. Try and create atmospheric aromas such fresh coffee, home baking or if you do not have the time for this, at least a plug in scent dispenser; and
  4. Ensure that the property is lit as well as possible. In the daylight the curtains are fully open and in the evenings that the room is well illuminated by using supplementary lamps etc where necessary.
  5. Ensure that valuables such as jewellery are kept securely but give your viewers an opportunity to look over the property without feeling that you are “breathing down their necks”.
  6. Sort out any minor ‘snags’ for example, blown light bulbs and damp patches, then stand back and consider is the paintwork looking tired – if so touch up or redecorate as necessary.
  7. If you have a garden ensure that the lawn and edges are trimmed, that the plants are pruned and the flower beds tidy.



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