Inheritance Tax Planning

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Have you thought about Inheritance Tax and the possibility of your personal estate exceeding the current threshold?

The current Inheritance Tax Threshold is £325,000 as from the 6th April 2008, and the excess is taxed at 40%.  This can result in a liability to your estate running into thousands of pounds of Inheritance Tax, which may have been mitigated by some careful tax planning.  A large Inheritance Tax bill can also be a real worry for those left behind.

There are a number of ways to mitigate the impact of Inheritance Tax on your Estate including:-

Life Assurance Policies written in Trust for named beneficiaries;
Sheltering assets in a Trust.

  1. Lifetime gifts.
  2. Charitable Gifts.
  3. Planned use of spouse exemptions for Inheritance Tax.
  4. Insurance against Inheritance Tax.

We are happy to provide you with advice on the various methods available to maximise the funds in your Estate for your beneficiaries and to minimise the money in tax liabilities.

If you would like further advice please do not hesitate to contact us. You could save significant sums of money for your loved ones.



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