Contact With Grand-Parents and Others

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The breakdown of a family is a tragedy for the parties concerned.  Sometimes emotions run so high that other wider family connections are jeopardised.  A fall out between the parent with care of children and grandparents is heart-breaking for the grand-parents who are often left feeling powerless and marginalized.

Grand-parents are entitled to apply to Court for a Contact Order – although they must first seek “leave” (permission) from the Court this test is not onerous (see separate page on this site – “Children Law/Residence/Contact/Parental Responsibility”.

An application for contact by a grand-parent is judged using the same criteria as any other application under the Children Act.  The courts are generally sympathetic in principle to applications by grand-parents – where the level of contract sought is modest and it is thought that the grand-parents have a possible contribution to make to the welfare of the children concerned.

Care is necessary in these applications.



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