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In law a child is “a person under disability” – and may therefore usually only participate in legal proceedings where s/he is represented by a capable adult.

A Children’s Guardian is a professional who has a duty to safeguard the interests of children in certain types of proceedings.  A Children’s Guardian is usually appointed within “public” children proceedings (for example those involving local authority applications for care orders).  The Guardian may also be appointed within “private” law children proceedings – for example where there is an intractable dispute over contact.

Once appointed a Children’s Guardian will:-

  1. Instruct a solicitor to represent the child
  2. Provide appropriate advice to the child
  3. Provide the Court with a written report advising how the child’s interests may best be safeguarded.

The Children’s Guardian will act as a “voice” for the child in Court proceedings and will often be appointed when it is thought that one parent is seeking to irrationally exclude the other parent from involvement with a child.

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