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A relationship breakdown is often perceived to be an opportunity for a new start … and sometimes a new surname.

Adult Names:
The basic rule is that an adult with mental capacity is free to change their name at any time. In theory there is no need for any formal documentation to record this – but in these bureaucratic times many institutions in practice require some documentary evidence to verify this. We are able to prepare a simply Change of Name Deed and certified copies of the signed original for you to send to your bank etc. It is important not to inadvertently confuse third parties by using two or more surnames at the same time – to gain credit (for example) by this means could amount to a criminal offence.

The proposed change of a child’s name needs to be approached with caution. Either the consent (in writing) of both parents (and anyone else vested with Parental Responsibility) is required – or an Order of the Court. An application to the Court will need to be justified carefully. The Court is likely to be highly disapproving (and my reverse) any change of name undertaken in other circumstances.

We are able to:

• Prepare Change of Name Deeds
• Advise in relation to Applications to the Court for leave to change a child’s name



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