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Investment in property is the biggest single investment most of us will make. A defective property suffering for example, from subsidence, damp or rot may cost many thousands or occasionally tens of thousands of pounds to repair. Most of us are not qualified to identify these defects ourselves. Instructing a qualified surveyor to prepare a report will provide peace of mind and if repairs are necessary, the opportunity is open to renegotiate the price with the vendor.

There are a number of different types of surveys available:-

Valuation Report
This is a basic report which if you are purchasing with the benefit of a mortgage will be required by the mortgage lender. These reports may not pick up concealed defects and if the report is only prepared for your mortgage lender, you cannot strictly rely upon its contents – meaning that if the survey later turns out to be inaccurate you will not be able to bring a case against the Surveyor.

Homebuyer’s Report
This is a report set out on a standard format. The report is not generally suitable for properties older than 100 years, properties which are obviously in poor condition or properties requiring renovation or significant alterations. The report may only deal with urgent matters requiring attention for example major visible defects. It may contain recommendations about obtaining supplemental reports from specialist contractors, for example, concerning damp proofing and roof repairs.

Full Structural Survey
This is suitable for older properties, those where renovations or alterations are planned or those properties which have been subject to major renovations in the past. ‘Flat conversions’ or such like often conceal structural defects.
Even a full structural survey can only examine the accessible parts of a building. A Vendor will not usually agree to surveyors lifting floorboards! However, these do provide a more detailed analysis of the condition of the property and will contain more detailed advice concerning repair.
We are able to recommend you to local reputable Chartered Surveyors.



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