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The legal obligations placed upon the Trustees and Directors of Charities are burdensome.  The secret to complying with these effectively is planning and ensuring that the charity keeps key issues under regular review.  The matters which require consideration will naturally vary to some extent depending upon the nature of the charitable organisation, its size and resources but the following are some suggestions of issues to be kept in mind:-


Annual staff appraisals
Annual salary review
Review of contracts of employment/staff
manuals and key procedures and policies e.g.
disciplinary/grievance/equality and diversity.

Are all volunteers properly trained
Annual appraisals
Are there proper volunteer agreements in place
Is it necessary for volunteers to be police checked (CRB) and if so are those systems in place to ensue compliance

Regular review of investment policy and

Regular review of income and expenditure commitments
Approval of annual accounts/interim management accounts
Ensuring that the accounts are subject to independent verification (whether or not this is legally required it may be prudent risk management)

Preparation of annual budget
Approval of investment policy
Risk Management:     

Review of buildings/public liability/
Trustees liability and other relevant insurances
Consideration of risk assessments, for example in relation to safety of operations/working environments/cash handling etc

Training plans for staff / volunteers.
Are all trustees/directors trained as to their legal duties

What obligations does the Charity
Constitution impose in terms of notices
of meetings/voting/quorum etc
Ensure that you are aware and comply
Ensure that documentary records are
maintained to record issues discussed
at meetings and compliance with procedural obligations is recorded.
How up to date is the constitution document regulating your Charity?


Lawson Lewis Blakers and Co are able to provide advice and training in relation to:-


  • The review of Charity Constitutions – we will undertake a review of documents for a small fixed fee – advising as to improvements necessary.
  • The review of employment contracts/volunteer agreements – and procedures and policies.
  • Training of Trustees



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