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“Excellence in legal practice management and client care”


We are delighted to have passed the Lexcel audit for the fourth consecutive year  with many positive comments from the Assessor, one of which was;


“There is an atmosphere within the firm found throughout this review that reflects the ethos of the firm i.e. people provide a service that is “Confidential, Communicative, Prompt and Courteous”. This is a long established firm with traditional values and the client base reflects this.”

Common Law


The cohabiting couple family is the fastest growing family type in the UK with over 3.2 million couples cohabiting as of 2015. Despite the increase in the number of couples choosing to live together without getting married, there is a lack of awareness about the protection offered by the law, and the risks that cohabitees could face. For example, many people still believe in the fictional concept of the ‘common law marriage’, a description for a long term cohabitation arrangement, to all intents and purposes a marriage, which must surely, they think, give rise to the same legal rights that married couples enjoy. 

By Nicky Davies


I once heard that the whole process of selling, purchasing and actually moving house was third on the list of most stressful events a person can endure, being superseded only by bereavement and divorce!  The stress generally comes from feeling out of control due to the various parties involved in a chain: sellers, buyers, agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, surveyors etc; not being kept informed and not understanding the process.  So, as an experienced conveyancer, I have put together my tips for reducing those stress levels:


1. Reputation, reputation, reputation
Choose your estate agent and conveyancer wisely.  Now, of course, I would say that(!) but this really is crucial because you will work very closely with these individuals during the course of your sale and purchase and will rely on them to advise you wisely and push your transaction through until the day you actually move.  Ask around amongst your friends, work colleagues

Since Leicester City won the Premier League with starting odds of 5000:1 it got us thinking about other unexpected events.


Trump being elected as President of the USA 26%


Having twins 3%


Winning the lottery 0.000007152%


Dying without leaving a Will 57%

Report on - Lancashire County Council (LCC) v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2016


The Judge in this case considered an appeal, which challenged a Planning Inspector’s ruling to register four playing fields (neighbouring a Primary School) as a town or village green.


The Commons Act 2006 regulates applications to register land as a town and village green. To be successful the applicant must show “a significant number of the inhabitants of any locality, or of any neighbourhood within a locality, have indulged as of right in lawful sports and pastimes of the land for a period of at least 20 years.”


The appeal was brought on the following four main grounds:

Gary Lineker has complained that that division of resources upon divorce should be resolved by a “Mathematical equation” and that lawyers manipulate parties into avoidable disagreements.


Lawson Lewis Blakers respond by saying:

1)    Solicitors do not create the law – it is our job to advice clients as to what outcome they might achieve if they went to court. The law is imperfect but it is also constantly changing.


2)    In order to see the consequence of applying an arithmetical formula – just consider the injustice that has arisen from the child support agency…use of an arithmetical formula.

Joanna Fildes profileName: Joanna Fildes

What is your role here?: I am a trainee solicitor here at LLB and currently divide my time between the Probate and Family teams.


How long have you been practising?

I have been working in law since 2010 and in March of this year began my training contract.


When did you join LLB?

I joined LLB in September 2015.


Do you have any specialisms in your field?

I specialise in Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney. I am still early on in my career and hope to develop new specialisms in other areas of law.  

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