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Employment Tribunal fees scrapped as access to justice prevails

In July 2013 cases sent to the Employment tribunal peaked at a little over seven thousand. As of January this year the figure was nearer fifteen hundred. Ministry of Justice compiled statistics indicate that the total number of claims issued over the three year period immediately following the introduction of fees, in 2013, has dropped by 79%.

The government introduced these fees with the intention of sifting out the vexatious litigant, or the case with no hope whatsoever. However to suggest only one in five cases brought before the tribunal had any merit, or were genuine, is of course plainly not the case.


Thanks and Congratulations to Peter Ayling and Mike Ogilvie who joined our Robin Comber and Elizabeth Grace for the Relate Charity Golf Day on a very windy July Day. They did us proud!

Robert Hamilton, Christos Christou  and all of the Civil litigation team are celebrating a week of successes.

They have won three multi track cases in Brighton and another in Central London County Court.

This is the result of months of research and hard work.

Whatever your views on politics, the calling of the Election has meant that the proposed increase in the Probate Court fees has had to be scrapped by the Government.

There wasn’t time for the measures needed to implement this to go through Parliament before it is dissolved for the Election.  No mention is made of it being a postponement so it is hoped the Government, if re-elected, will take account of the objections previously raised against it and abandon the idea all together.

We will keep a look out for any developments or changes.

Raft Race

In July we supported the Lewes Annual Raft race. A great event put on by Lewes Round Table and good fun for all the family. Our raft, built and captained by Rupert Ashford of Ashprint in Eastbourne came 4th. Congratulations to all who took part on the day!

If you own a business and lose mental capacity – perhaps because of a serious accident or physical or mental illness then in the absence of a Lasting Power of Attorney no one in the first instance will be able to make decisions concerning your business. Think how quickly your business could be damaged or even lost in this situation. The bank might freeze business accounts or the business may not be able to survive a crisis. Ultimately, the Court of Protection can intervene to appoint a Deputy to manage the business – but this appointment can easily take months and you may not be happy with the choice of Deputy appointed.

The solution is to create two Lasting Powers of Attorney. The first to manage your personal financial affairs, and a second business Lasting Power of Attorney to appoint a suitable individual (perhaps a senior manager) to manage business interests.

Key Changes that could affect you or a family member

The Good – New Property Nil Rate Band



We all know that every individual on death can pass an amount of £325,000 tax free to their beneficiaries. This is referred to as the Nil Rate Band. Anything in excess of the Nil Rate Band will be charged at 40% based on the current Inheritance Tax (IHT) rule.

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